“Sell the D-Box, Build an SFX, pocket the change”

One unnamed sim racerimmediately after I put him in my SFX powered simrig

The following posts are my build and running guide for the SimFeedback – SFX-100 motion sim platform. You can find the official source designs, plans and software at the official site here https://opensfx.com it’s an affordable DIY platform mover design comprising 4 actuators and control software that rivals the performance of systems costing anywhere from 5x to 10x as much.

What is it? An awesomely powerful Motion Sim Rig platform that is extendable – starting with the 4 SFX-100 actuators and into other motion cueing devices.

This section of my site is dedicated to a bit (lot) of extra info and my review of the platform. As it’s an open source design I figure it’s my way of giving back to the project. Depending on your mechanical inclination you have to do a little (or a lot) of reading between the lines – I’m hoping this guide will clear up those fuzzy bits for you !

Included in this guide I’ve written up an indepth tutorial on SimFeedback here.

Disclaimer/Note:  I am not the designer/maintainer of SFX-100 nor Simfeedback. That’s all @saxxon66. I have contributed english documentation to the official site.

System Components

SFX-100 Actuators

The ingenious open source SFX actuator design. Almost all parts in photo below (except for an o-ring and some bolts).

Servo Motor
3D printed motor mount
Fixed bearing mount
100mm x 100mm Aluminium Kinetik Extrusion
3d printed Linear Bearing mount
Coupler (and little nut for fixed bearing)
FK12 Fixed Bearing
3D printed bumpstop
1605 Ballscrew
3D Printed Slider
Stainless hollow shaft
Linear Bearing
3D printed foot
AC Servo Drive
Power and control cables – Servo <-> Servo Drive
T-Slot mounts
Reduction Bushes (Helicoils)
Reduction Bushes (Helicoils)

Please make sure you donate via the SimFeedback software (you’ll find the link in the software’s “license” tab which you download here) you’ll get access to both expert mode and the official owners discord channel which has a bunch of people to help you out if you get stuck – importantly you support the development of this pretty amazing platform.

If you’re thinking about jumping in and want to see other peoples experiences. The most active place for this is this thread on RaceDepartment.


  • 4th July 2020 – Updating things, added link to StreamDeck
  • 31st Jan 2019 – Updated (3) to include videos from other SFX builders
  • 29th Jan 2019 – Updated this page layout
  • 28th Jan 2019 – Added a Tutorial on setting up and using Simfeedback
  • 21st Jan 2019 – Added a link on (1) to Hugo’s shopping list.
  • 14th Jan 2019 – Added video on (3) which has a good little bit on the actuator assembly (in German)
  • 13th Jan 2019 – Minor wording tweaks for the review for skill reqd. Added new post for the building the controller box
  • 12th Jan 2019 – Updates to the review, added diagram – added 2 power usage videos
  • 11th Jan 2019 – Updated build guides (1) and (3) to include notes about calibrating 3d printer
  • 11th Jan 2019 – Added review of the platform
  • 9th Jan 2019 – Here’s my build guide to date..

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