StreamDeck + Simfeedback = a winning combo

By May 24, 2020 G-Seat, SFX-100, Sim Rig

Especially with multi controller setups !

Don’t think about it, just get one

I’d purposely avoided the StreamDeck channel in the Simfeedback discord, because I just knew it was going to end up in getting one. Within 1 hour of visiting the channel I was down at PB Tech picking up a StreamDeck.

Thanks to @dacujo and @saxxon66 enabling extensions in the first place it was super easy to get Stream Deck working.

So why is it awesome

As far as motion platforms You can control simfeedback from streamdeck directly, in realtime. Most/all of the functions you need are accessible right from streamdeck. For instance I have :

  • SimFeedback Start/Stop
  • SFX-100 Intensity + / – including value display after setting
  • G-Seat Intensity +/- including value display after setting

Along with vol +/-, ESC etc.

How good is that? It’s perfect for getting the general intensity settings dialled in. I wished I’d ventured into the channel a little while ago, would make the process of tuning the G-Seat way easier.

Video from @Hoihman showing it working.


  • David Desira says:

    Hi Rowan, I’d like to start by saying thanks for an entertaining and informative blog into the world of motion sims. I’m a living fossil by your standards but love the idea, engineering and entertainment concepts all the same.
    Is there a forum for us downunder? In particular for local parts, support etc?
    Damn, I’m that old and out of my depth that I’m not even sure if you’ll get this message or better still how I will find the reply.
    Thanks again, I currently feel like Alice in wonderland about to go down into the rabbit hole for the first time!

    • Rowan says:

      Hey David, sim racing appeals to old and young alike 🙂 as far as community forums there’s and SFX-100 group on Facebook. Once you get SimFeedback/donate then you get into the official SimFeedback discord (you’ll need to Google discord to understand a bit more about it no doubt). There isn’t a local group as such – most of everything comes from China, it’s only really bolts you get locally.

    • Rowan says:

      … press reply to quick 🙂 First part go check out the Facebook/SFX-100 group. There’s a few posts of parts prices in AU to give you an idea of what you’re going to spend for the platform. You may even find a local depending on where you are to help you out (there’s SFX-100 platforms built all over Australia and New Zealand). Cheers mate and welcome to the darkside.

  • David says:

    Thanks mate, I appreciate the quick reply.
    I’ll dive into it tonight and see how we go!

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