About Rowan

My homeland is Aoteoroa – New Zealand. The land of the long white cloud to which I’ve recently returned after a 7 year tour of duty in Toronto, Canada. I live and breath web, mobile applications and related technologies to the point I get overtly excited about the impact technology makes on SMB’s.

Formally speaking I’m a CTO for a construction industry software company. When I come home and want to balance things out – I get on my bike and ride, at breakneck speeds in the woods, down a mountain side. When off the bike, I pull out my camera and take photos.

In the downtime I’m either fixated behind Aperture Lightroom Capture One tweaking said photos, often in conjunction with listening to some stream of bits passing through a D/A converter to a pair of rather nice headphones that tend to get Audiophile’s all excited.

Oh and I can also be found going rather rapidly around race tracks

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