My homeland is Aoteoroa – New Zealand. The land of the long white cloud to which I’ve returned after a 8 year tour of duty in Toronto, Canada. I live and breath web, mobile applications and related technologies to the point I get overtly excited about the impact technology makes on SMB’s.

Work wise

I’ve spent the past 20 years in various forms of Software Development; Home (NZ) and abroad (a tour of duty in North America).

Act 1 I started out life on tech support, and did the hard yards through the business side of Quality Assurance, Business Analysis, and Project Management – when my hobby of programming took hold andwent full term I embraced web application development in earnest.

Act 2 was taking that development and business knowledge into growing a digital agency in Canada – going from the mail room to one part of the floor, ultimately laying the foundations to get that agency into an entire office building. I headed up a team that built, passed security reviews, and successfully deployed solutions for award winning promotions for the biggest brands across North America. The final period of Act 2 culminated in running the internal enteprise development team that was responsible for the software that deployed north of thousands of people across North America.

Act 3 was returning home to NZ, now I’m a CTO for a construction industry software company; extremely complex engineering software – growing and leading the teams across a variety of technologies and environments for clients globally.

I eat, sleep, software..

In my spare time I have a number of web applications I have built and maintained over the past 12 or so years – it keeps me sharp and I get to put my passion for building and technology into a creative outlet.

I have built, and continuously innovate an eCommerce platform for an award winning New Zealand based global supplier to the marine industry. The application handles ordering, customer management, stock & inventory management, reporting, digital asset and product management along with the front end marketing site.

Just to ensure I don’t get bored, and to solve a little itch, I built a Documentation management platform, specifically targetted at custom automotive builders/restorers and boat builders called GlobalWorkshop which has been my passion project for the past 5 years..


For balance

When I come home and want to balance things out – I get on my bike and ride, at breakneck speeds in the woods, down a mountain side. When off the bike, I pull out my camera and take photos.

In the downtime I’m either fixated behind Aperture Lightroom Capture One tweaking said photos, often in conjunction with listening to some stream of bits passing through a D/A converter to a pair of rather nice headphones that tend to get Audiophile’s all excited.

Oh and I can also be found going rather rapidly around race tracks