Riveting – done

By October 1, 2013 January 4th, 2016 Fraser SP330

This evening finished off the riveting. Those who’ve used a hand riveter will probably cry (or on behalf of their significant others who were convinced to rivet….) it took all of 3/4hr or so to rivet on the floor pan. 2hrs all up between glueing and getting rid of that bond and seal stuff. An hour and half each for the internal panels and then all the miscellaneous stuff. Guessing a good solid 25-30hrs taking into account measuring and centre-punching everything.

Also picked up some wheels and tyres, Toyo R1Rs, with Fraser’s Anthracite grey rims.

A week wouldn’t go by without a new tool in the collection – a Deutsch crimper arrived in the mail ($330NZD shipped from Amazon.com – Delphikits, took less than a week even though I picked the slow option) upping the ante for using proper connectors on the beast.

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