An ideas jaunt down south

By September 16, 2013 January 4th, 2016 Fraser SP330

So the weekend netted a jaunt down south to see Andrew, then Hamish and finally Graeme (F20C,Turbo MX5 and 4AGE Frasers) respectively. Tips I picked up:

– As soon as the body paint has cured, 3M clear wrap it. It’s going to get hosed by stone chips otherwise.
– On the sump guard, wrap it in 3mm stainless. The alloy won’t hold up on roads. Don’t go 4mm – way too heavy.
– DTM connectors are worth it, can reuse pins etc. Tools are expensive – although might have come down in price over the years
– Stick with the smaller brakes on the rear, no need to put big Wilwoods there (I was contemplating doing that but now I’ll stick with it)
– The bench seat option is super supportive and really seems to be the only option for tall buggers, just put tonnes of lumbar padding in.
– For any prospective owners – if you want drop in power with the least hassle MX5 Turbo engine looks like a really good option.
– Particularly if going to the track, getting heat out of the engine bay is the biggest thing to sort out. On Graeme’s he had slotted the sump guard either side of the engine, Hamish’s he’d fashioned a scoop to get hot air from the radiator out of the nose vent.

The F20C sounds incredible on song. Never heard 9K+ out of a road car engine before.. The torque of the turbo MX5 is pretty bloody impressive.

Slightly nervous about mine now!

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