And… it’s home !

By September 7, 2013 January 4th, 2016 Fraser SP330

Well it’s been a full 24hrs of deliveries, action and some pretty interested people in the garage. Last night Scott and our wounded warrior Dan arrive with #330 in tow and a hilux full of boxes of bits. Really enjoyed being able to say thank you in good kiwi style with a clink of a beer bottle!. Then this morning Scott and his ever present smile turned up with the engine and box.

Today also saw a very kind delivery from Andrew of the operating table (dolley) – much discussion was had and helpful tips given to get the assembly underway. Along with an old friend turning up to ponder the machine.

So where are we at ? Starting from where most people start – bonding and riveting the floor and interior panels. Can I get the first panels drilled by next weekend ? First step buy a new drill ! (for those that don’t know me all my tools are in a shipping container in Canada)

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