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By December 7, 2014 January 4th, 2016 Fraser SP330

Continuing forth into the 3rd month of having my beasty on the road, it’s tying up all the loose odds and ends…

1) Cooling – I’ve gotten a lot closer on cooling with evidently turning the pump on the lowest settings from 4% PWM to 2.5% PWM making all the difference in the world – it’s actually responding and cycling up and down in temperature so now just a case of fine tuning that one. A bit questionable at 2.5% whether water is flowing, but as soon as it touches 81-82 deg it drops and starts cycling up and down whilst at speed. On a run to silverdale and back tonight the lowest it got was 78degC so I’m now on the home stretch of sorting that one. Taking the westy duck tape off meant my inlet air temps dropped, sat around 30degC out to Silverdale tonight. That’s pretty impressive when ambient was 18-20ish degC.

2) Alternator – turns out there was a dodgy connector, through vibration or other means it had cracked inside, so a new heavier duty connector, plus made replaceble with a spare in the car means I now have charging sorted. Quite essential. I’ve gotten to know more than I ever wanted to know about alternators in the process!

3) Hazard light – the dodgy trillogy switches (look good, but pants quality) reared their head again with this time the LED going out on the hazard light switched. Bought and replaced. Word to the wise – if you’re reading this and looking for switch gear go find something different. Cosworth do an awesome membrane based panel….( oh wait that’s mega dollars!

Now learned, multiple times, wear ear plugs….

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