First drives… hard edged animal.

By October 5, 2014 January 4th, 2016 Fraser SP330

The bit you’ve all been waiting for.

So, I got to drive SP330 home on Friday. Nervous and praying I didn’t have to do a hill start I got home without stalling (an achievement given 40mins in traffic), and finally started grinning. Surprisingly at light throttle openings it’s actually easy to drive when warm. Super smooth.

After waiting for rain squalls to pass today I was able to have my first proper drive – went out to Muriwai and back. Between the cold air (this is October?) and duty cycle too high on the water pump she struggled to come up to temp. However I made a very smart decision by hitting the Coatesville-Riverhead highway….

… A bit of heat soak in the engine, some 2nd gear action in 50-60km zones, I saw 80+ degrees. Right – punch it! Absolute animal. Raucous hard edged exhaust note and just wants to do nothing more than go like stink. I’m guessing I’ve only used 70% throttle, seen around 7000rpm or so – no brave pills to hit the limiter yet. For 3-4 glorious kms’ I got pops and bangs, growls and serious shoves in the seat. It *totally* lives up to the car I wanted – a GT3 RS styled machine, road legal, road drivable, but when you put the hammer down hold on. The thing that sticks with me is the exhaust note, I’ve never heard anything quite like it. It’s *angry* north of 4-5000.

Now there’s a teething issue or two, shortly after those km’s the electrics went dead with a broken alternator terminal which is off to get fixed. Kind of a tribute to Aucklands power outages really 🙂

Side note: Genius decision mounting a USB port. While I was waiting for help to arrive I could still charge my phone.

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