Dyno update

By June 30, 2014 January 4th, 2016 Fraser SP330

So, good news it’s running! It started at the dyno place a few weeks ago then Bob was away for nearly 2 weeks, finally got back to getting it tuned and struck a few teething issues. The biggest of which is the stock Honda idler/tensioner pulleys are moving off axis under load, which is causing the supercharger belt to shred. The boys are making up a new set of pulleys which will be a lot sturdier than the stock items and stop the tracking issue.

That being said, it’s making good numbers already. 200ish at the wheels, at 5000rpm with 5psi boost. There’s another 3500rpm to go. I managed to get down to Frasers and press the start button yesterday, it sounds angry….
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