So when it’s wet (or) I’m not feeling like the risk of something blowing up/breaking (or) feeling a bit more mortal – then getting into the Sim Rig is a far better proposition than scaring myself sh-tless in the 550hp/tonne Fraser. Yes the Fraser is awesome, yes it’s terrifyingly fast but track time is expensive and well -you just can’t sneak in laps before work. Whereas the Sim Rig is accessible, safe and doesn’t cost me anything to run. [ It must be said that the experience given isn’t in the same universe however ]

This is the build/review log of everything on it. Key highlights :

Rig chassis : Custom made MDF
Drive: OSW Simucube ‘Tomo’. Small Mige, 10000 ppr encoder
Wheel: NZKW cheapie boy racer special
Paddles: 3D Printed thingiverse special
Pedals: Thrustmaster T3PA
Seat: Bride. Not sure the model – it was cheap 🙂

Screen: X34A Predator
GPU: GTX1080
CPU: i5-6600k @ 4.1

Transducers: ADX Aura Maximus
Speakers: Energy RC-Mini
Amp 1: Sure 2x100W Class D
Amp 2: NuForce Icon