Gibbs Farm – the most amazing place you’ve never heard of

By April 13, 2018 Adventures

What if you could walk around a landscape that was like a collection of Album Covers? A place where artists with imaginations (and seemingly budgets) gone wild on a grand scale? That would be Gibbs Farm.

My better half had the presence of mind to book tickets to gibbsfarm the minute she saw them online, and I was grateful she did. It’s an absolutely staggering sculpture “garden”. Words don’t do it justice – one piece alone is 252 meters long and has 650 tonnes of steel in it.

The farm took a good 2 hours to walk around with a 15-20min sit down for lunch – we didn’t see everything, and probably an error or two in planning the walking route around. Dotted across the landscape are works from world renowned artists. The mind boggles at how anyone can have the resources to pull something like this off. I’m sure the words “that can’t be done” ever come up dealing with Mr Gibbs.

There’s no theme or pattern to the madness, it’s ecletic and surreal.

Not only are there incredible feats of engineering, wandering the grounds are Emu, Alpaca and in a fenced off area Zebra and Giraffe. Of course that makes sense. You have a feeling that any moment it could turn into a real life Jurassic Park.

Walking around the farm was a unique experience I hope to repeat again. Thank you Mr Gibbs.

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