Welcome to the build and running history of my Fraser Clubman SP330. SP designation as it was a special projects machine by Fraser Cars. Let’s just cut to the chase ~370hp at the crank – Drysumped, Supercharged VTEC engine, ~600kg, very sticky tyres, inboard pushrod front suspension and huge brakes. Got your attention? thought it might. A Fraser is a New Zealand made modern interpretation of a Lotus 7. Old school cool with mostly new¬†components. Each as unique as their owners.

In my case we went a little crazy, what started out as a late night phone call from Canada theorising engines spiraled a little bit out of control. Like most car nerds I lusted after insane power to weight ratios in something that delivered that ‘race car’ feel. This is it and it delivers it in spades. I’ve driven my fair share of quick cars but nothing could prepare me for the first drive – the immediacy and the volume of the power delivery along with a blistering exhaust note screaming inches from your ear. Being inches (literally) off the road; no electronics between you and the road, makes for one helluva experience.

3 years and a whole lot of effort from the team at Fraser Cars has resulted in this machine.


  • Fraser Clubman S Package
  • Fraser Race Widetrack front end w Push rod/inboard shocks
  • Fraser De-Dion rear end with race end plates
  • Adjustable F/R Spax shocks


  • Honda 2L iVTEC engine (proper K20A JDM 11.5:1)
  • Rotrex C30-94 Supercharger running 10.5 PSI
  • Custom engineered mounting system for the Rotrex
  • Bosch Water Pump (chargecooler) controlled via LINK
  • Davies Electric Water Pump (engine) controlled via LINK
  • Frozenboost Type 19 Water to Air Intercooler
  • Pace GT Dry Sump
  • Pace GT Remote Oil Tank
  • Oil filler removed/cam covered reduced by 20mm in height
  • Other various modifications to get it to fit
  • 4 into 1 collectors with Adrenalin-R silencer
  • DEI Header Wrap
  • LINK Storm G4Plus Engine management
  • 750cc injectors
  • Tial Q Recirc Blow off valve
  • Powermaster 93mm 75AMP alternator
  • Custom overflow/breather tank


  • Toyota W55
  • Mazda MX5 w 3.636:1 gears
  • Custom pressure plate and cover
  • Carbon disc
  • Tilton Hydraulic Release bearing

Other bits

  • Wilwood 4pot Calipers w Cross Drilled rotors
  • Tilton floor mount pedal box, adjustable f/r bias
  • Dunlop DZ03G Mediums
  • Removable full cage for track days
  • Willans 5 pt Harnesses
  • AIM MXL Dash
  • Racecapture datalogger for the track
  • Deutsch connectors throughout
  • Custom made to fit Leather & Alcantara seats

Check out this video below for some onboard action – turn your speakers up !

Note my current fastest lap at Hampton Downs is now 1:13.91.

Read on for what it takes to build one of these machines and the joy of running one.