Having been in professional software development for 18 years – from small weekend projects to large scale multi-team, international projects for the biggest brands in the world I have a wealth of experience to draw down on. Every year I apply that to select clients for boutique web/mobile application development projects.

I specialise in greenfield web applications, using open source technologies such as Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, SOLR, Javascript and more. My clients generally have no idea what that lot means, what they want is a system that is easy to use and “just works”.

Armed with your idea, and a blue sky I can bring your application to life and guide you along the process to get the most value for your business.

2014 Looks to be full already. However if you have something exceedingly interesting feels like it fits a domain I’d be interested in (anything with a motor, on land sea or air), and need a little hand feel free to contact me –

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